Angry Blackmen

Angry Blackmen are starting a RIOT! with their heavy rap songs about being angry… no pun intended. The Chicago based rap group have released 4 tracks which are all equally as dope and worth listening to! Tracks like “USA!”, “Bullshit!”, and “RIOT!”, being the loud and aggressive ones, leaving “OK!” to be the more kickback type song that you could bop your head to. We are eagerly waiting for new music and so should you! Check them out:

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Tetra Collective


Long Beach locals Tetra Collective give a live performance on Badwater’s Upstream, a youtube series recorded by artists for artists. Tetra Collective have been making noise all around the so cal area for the past 6 years. Coming up in Long Beach as the name “The Moderns” and now embracing a change for the better. With their debut album released with high acclaim from their fan base as well as us here at Dognoir, we truly believe 2019 will be the rise of Tetra Collective!

Tetra Collective: Instagram   Spotify   Apple Music

Upstream: Instagram  Youtube