The 20/8 Playlist and New Beginnings

This year has been very productive for Kiki Love and me. Between life and personal projects, we couldn’t focus on what we wanted Dognoir to be. We thought an indie label was the way to go but quickly found that our hearts weren’t in it. We stood back and looked at what we had and realized music was still a key factor for Dognoir. For many years we’ve kept up with current music releases and talked about them with each other and now we want to share our thoughts with you! In 2018 we failed to keep up with new music because we were running around trying to do ten things at a time and falling on our faces. Dognoir will be relaunched as an online music website sharing our favorite songs, ep’s, soundtracks, compilations and of course Albums. Although we didn’t keep up with everything that came out this year, we still had some favorite songs and made a playlist. This list consists of a variety of genres and artists from, Cardi B to the  Swedish Metal band Ghost, Death Grips to up and coming Dream Pop artists Clairo. We hope you enjoy this playlist and look forward to our favorite picks of 2019!

– Chepo Diaz

Here’s where you can find the playlist:

ad apple

ad spotify

and here’s a peek:

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 1.12.51 PM


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